Viral Lessons

A month ago, the corona virus seemed a world away. We were hearing snippets in the news about cases in China, but I had no idea how greatly it would impact my life just a few weeks later. This week has brought a lot of changes. I saw a meme on social media listing the major events this week: the time change, a full-moon, Friday the 13th, and now the world stopped by the corona virus. Then the question: “Who the heck is playing Jumanji?” It kind of feels like that, right?

I started this week with a schedule full of things to look forward to: a 10-day US history trip with two of my boys to several Eastern states, tickets to attend my first-ever-live- session of the General Conference of my Church, tickets to the BYU Women’s Conference held the end of April, along with regularly-scheduled weekly Church worship meetings and activities, and temple-serving opportunities. As of yesterday, those are all canceled or postponed. My life is all of a sudden empty. And do you know what? It feels good. I feel like the Lord is giving me an opportunity to pause and reset. I am left with that which is most important. Sometimes we just need to, “be still and know…God” (D&C 101:16).

As our Church’s General Conference approaches April 4th and 5th, I think there will be more listening ears, albeit from homes, as our lives have slowed and we have had time to refocus. Am I saddened by all the cancelations recently announced? Sure! But seeing the silver lining in this pandemic can have us emerging as better people. I hope I do!


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